Will Non-Resident Egyptians Be Able to Vote?

I reported on the issue of non-resident Egyptians who until now haven’t been able to vote in their country’s elections. These radio and print reports were produced for Deutsche Welle and were submitted the same day that the Egyptian government announced a constitutional amendment allowing those living abroad to vote.



Prison Gerrymandering in Louisiana, an Article in New America Media

This is a story that I worked on over the summer for New America Media. It’s titled:  “How Prisons Imperil Black Voting Power in Post-Katrina Louisiana,” and it addresses the issues of representation surrounding prison populations. Louisiana has the highest per capita rate of male incarceration in the U.S., and that population is disproportionately African-American, so questions around representation and the prison system are critical.


Chemoostry: Porthole Cows and Science for Radio

In late April I took a trip to Wisconsin where I worked on a couple of radio pieces. One of them was for a chemistry program called Distillations. For them, I produced a story about the researchers and science behind “porthole” cows, that is, cows that have had a window inserted into their sides so that scientists can observe their digestion. What amazed me is that this research actually appeals to the Department of Energy because of its potential implications for biofuels. Here’s the story. Enjoy.

Feature for Deutsche Welle on the Freedom Riders

On May 16th, a group of the original Freedom Riders completed their historic journey and arrived in New Orleans. In 1961, at the height of the civil rights movement, buses with young Blacks and Whites crossed the South of the United States of America, challenging the laws of segregation. Freedom rides continued throughout the South until November of that year, helping to change unjust laws and inspiring people all over the world. This memorial ride was organized by PBS in conjunction with its American Experience documentary on the subject. It brought 40 new Freedom Riders, college students from across the US, along as well.

This is the piece that I produced for Deutsche Welle.


Investigation into the NOPD

Last week I attended a press conference at Gallier Hall about a 10-month investigation into the New Orleans Police Department conducted by the Department of Justice. If you want to hear an edited version of the audio, follow the Indymedia link below. Matt Toups did the editing. You can also hear the headline that I filed with Free Speech Radio News and read the article that I contributed to for The Louisiana Weekly.

FSRN headline

Louisiana Weekly Story

Edited audio from press conference